Printing Impossible



Printing Impossible

Printing Impossible

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After spending decades doing the “impossible” for our customers (well…over a century now, to be exact) we came to the realization that it should ring as our tagline — voilà, “Printing Impossible!”

What does it mean to you, as a customer or an employee? It means getting it done at all costs, without fail, in spite of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

For our customers, it’s a deep breath, ending with a smile because “it happened!” and for employees, the reward is pride and confidence in their skill and dedication.  Neither of these things happens frequently in today’s world, unfortunately, but at Davis, it’s the norm.

How does Davis make the magic happen?  We start by not living in any kind of box.  By harnessing the power of collaborative thinking across all departments, we proactively troubleshoot and develop solutions.  We operate 3 shifts / 24 hours, for that all-important time advantage.  Our production team is literally staffed with journeymen craftsmen, by trade.  Our employees are loyal, to a fault, and do whatever is asked.  We believe this is why Davis has been viable for over 100 years and how we made it through the “Great Recession”.

We push equipment (that all printers have in various forms) to its limits, with respect to color, speed and functionality.  We thrive on the difficult. The ordinary jobs keep us busy with traditional day-to-day printing that any printer can provide, but the difficult sets us far apart from those same printers.

We break our own rules sometimes just to get it done.  We listen to what the customer wants, not what we think they need.  We don’t sell printing, we advise as to the best graphic arts solutions.

Try us out with something small but difficult, or not.  We guarantee you’ll be impressed.